Assisting the WavesPlatform!!

Waves Lease Node

Join our node and get reward with some good passive income! Address = 3PEjdMgnR7a48RnZoW8RF8TeEqidue28Wgm

Assisting Wavesplatform & project

We assisting the wavesplatform and all kind of projects who are related to the wavesplatform. Do you want to contact us? Just leave a message on the contact form.

Waves Ambassador

If you appreciate our work and want to give something back for it, you can send some $WRT to the following address: 3PM9tqMkozG5CvgkKwoGjDTCFpKjGuTdwDP

Game of Nodes

WavesAssist choice

We are not aiming for the first place, but we do try to accomplice the 3th place.
We will use these profits (out of the leasing) to help/assist more projects to accomplice there successes.
If we win the contest we also share an amount of tokens to the leasers as a gratitude for supporting us!!

What is Game of Node??

On 24 July, WAVES launched a special program that will last eight weeks and will stimulate the development of the network of nodes that underpins the Waves ecosystem.

WAVES makes every week snapshots of Waves node stakes, based on the ‘Average Gen. Balance’ from the community-driven website http://dev.pywaves.org.

For more info: https://blog.wavesplatform.com/game-of-nodes-a-new-programme-of-support-and-development-for-waves-network-e4a6a795e249

<600k Leasers = 10 WAVES Airdrop

Get some in return for leasing at WavesAssist!

We decide to give all our leasers an extra return as gratitude when we accomplice more than 600k Waves leased on our node!

The current amount right now is around 533k!

After we accomplice the 600k we will do another one with more returns so keep over here.

The total of 10 Waves will be divided to all addresses who
are leased more than 50 Waves to WavesAssist node!

How to join leasing

1. Open Waves wallet
2. Click Leasing
3. Enter wavesassist in the address field or use the following address: 3PEjdMgnR7a48RnZoW8RF8TeEqidue28Wgm
4. Choose # of Waves to Lease
5. Click Start Lease