Assisting the WavesPlatform!!

Waves Lease Node

Join our node and get reward with some good passive income! Address = 3PEjdMgnR7a48RnZoW8RF8TeEqidue28Wgm

Assisting Wavesplatform & project

We assisting the wavesplatform and all kind of projects who are related to the wavesplatform. Do you want to contact us? Just leave a message on the contact form.

Waves Ambassador

If you appreciate our work and want to give something back for it, you can send some Waves to our address : 3PEjdMgnR7a48RnZoW8RF8TeEqidue28Wgm

Lease you waves to get a passive income!!

Leasing your waves to our public node will improve the Waves Platform by forging the blocks. This because Waves Platform use LPOS (leased POS System) instead of POW (proof of work). This means that it is not needed to mine blocks by yourself (maintaining a machine power + electricity costs)! Instead of that you only lease you waves to our public node. The waves tokens will be keep in control by yourself and because you help with forging the block (with the amount of waves you have leased) you will be rewarded everyday in our daily payments!


WavesAssist is here to Assist the Wavesplatform and all related Project build on Wavesplatform!
We assist in many ways, navigating, Marketing, Communications, sharing information on Social Media, improving awareness and other tasks.
Also need help? Contact us!


Key factors for leasing

  • There is no minimum amount for leasing
  • While leasing you still receive other airdropped tokens
  • All our payments are performed with mass-payment transfer
  • Every lease needs a verification of 1000 blocks

What you get in return

  • Daily Payments (WavesAssist Payments)
  • 95% Waves
  • A return of 2,5 – 5% annually (this can be changed when changes will be made on the Wavesplatform)!
  • Participation in decisions to allow new features on the wavesplatform

How to join leasing

1. Open Waves wallet
2. Click Leasing
3. Enter wavesassist in the address field or use the following address: 3PEjdMgnR7a48RnZoW8RF8TeEqidue28Wgm
4. Choose # of Waves to Lease
5. Click Start Lease