Step 1: Stop the node

Let’s turn off the node so we can change the wallet.
service waves stop

Step 2: Encode your new seed

Your seed should be encode with base58 so the system will understand your seed. In this step we explain you how to do so.

  • Create a new file named “”:
  • Copy the following information in the file:
    import base58
    seed = “YOURSEEDHERE”
    encoded_seed = base58.b58encode(seed)
  • Retype the + fill in your seed!
    Be aware! If you copy and paste the above rows the won’t work because the layout is different. Retype the so the seed will be marked in green. See example below:
  • Saved and close the file (CTRL S + CTRL X)
  • Activate your new script by the following command:
    chmod u+x
  • Run the following command to get your seed:
  • Keep that Base58 string (we need it in Step 10)

Step 3: Move old wallet

Because you used a previous wallet on this node, it has already a wallet.dat file. This file should be moved because otherwise it tried to use this wallet file.
mv /var/lib/waves/wallet/wallet.dat /var/lib/waves/wallet/wallet.dat.old

Step 4: Change waves.conf file

Now we changing the waves.conf file with the new information.

  • Open the file
    nano /usr/share/waves/conf/waves.conf
  • Change the password in the file (between the “”)
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 10e.png
  • Change the seed that you get in step 2
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 10f2-1024x23.png

Step 5: Start waves service

We changed all neccesairy configuration and can start the waves service again.
service waves start

Step 6: Change the API-key-HASH

You can find your API key hash by the following steps:

  • Open your browser and fill in your Public IP address (without “www” or “http”)
  • Now “Swagger” will open
  • Choose for “Utils”
  • Choose for “/utils/hash/secure”
  • Put in the message field your “password”
  • And Click on “Try it Out!”
  • Now you see your hash in the “Response Body” section
  • Copy your hash
  • Go back to the waves config file
    nano /usr/share/waves/conf/waves.conf
    Replace the api-key-hash with the one you copied.



  • Save the file and exit
  • Restart the waves service
    service waves restart
  • Check if the node is running normaly (same as step 11)
    journalctl -u waves.service -f

Change is completed!

Questions or need help ?

I hope this manual was clear and easy to understand.
If you have any questions or need any help, contact us and we will help you out!

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