Waves service

This is the service that belong to running the node.
You can stop, start, restart and see your status of your node by the following commands:
service waves stop
service waves start
service waves restart
service waves status

Check node activity

If you want to check the activity of your node you can do this by the following command: journalctl -u waves -f
With this command you can see the latest activity on your node that belongs to the “waves” service. This command will gives you a same window as below. If the logs shows you “New height” and this one is the same as the last block on “https://wavesexplorer.com/” then everything works fine.

Backup your config file

Because you don’t know what happened in the future, we recommend you to backup at least the config file.
File is (default) located on the following location:

Statistics / dev.pywaves.com

To get some more insights in the activity of your node we will share some tips/tricks where you can find information.

List Nodes generated blocks

On the following links below you can see the list of nodes who did generate blocks in a different kind of time span. (if you node is not on the list, then this means that your node didn’t generate a block yet)

Past 24 hours
Past 7 days
Past 30 days

All Waves nodes + Last Status

On this URL you can see all nodes with there latest status.
If you complete the installation of your own node, your node should be there as well! If it is not, then this means there is something wrong with your node/installation.
The nodes could have different status:

  • No status (“-“) means that everything works fine
  • Forked means that your node hangs on a specific block
  • Not synced – Your node is not in sync (mostly seen when you did complete the installation)

Add name + website on pywaves

On dev.pywaves.org you see the waves address of the node + a name. If you are new with your node then you don’t see a name after your node address. This can be arranged by contacting the following user at telegram: https://t.me/@G1zm0nl
He will add the name + website to your waves node address!

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