WestAssist Payments

WestAssist pay their leasers every week!!

When the payout successfully ran, there will be a new document published below.

If there are any questions/remarks about the payments, please contact us.

WestAssist Payment: 5/25/2020

Fee’s between blocks 776738 – 776738, payout #2 (LPOS address: 3NeY7AhrTCCtvZF5oV3tJRjUKc5FzuaHXxn) ...

WestAssist Payment: 5/19/2020

Fee’s between blocks 694888 – 776737, payout #1(LPOS address: 3NeY7AhrTCCtvZF5oV3tJRjUKc5FzuaHXxn)Thank you ...